“What’s her problem?” 

There’s this funny thing about love; it seems to run out on you when you least expect it. And, life will make it harder. It’ll send curve-ball after curve-ball until your walls are a mile high. You can’t harm what you can’t touch- can’t crush what you can’t hold. 

Maybe that’s all there is to it. 

Running. Chasing. Burning. 


They would call you
because you seemed
Just that way.

You’d cower
In a crowd;
Your mind
Always in a haze.

You’d catch your
B R E A T H,
Every time they’d watch.
Your steps were never
Chasing their path.

But you’d smile,
To yourself,
Just because.

“It’s not always
This hard.”

Crashing hearts,
Tangled limbs-
Sadness doesn’t
Weep in sin.

Shy caresses,
No ashen hate.
Her worn
In this craze.

“This isn’t right.
We have to stop.”

You made up
Your mind.
Does it even
I’ve already lost.

No preying hands,
No clueless fumbles-
No dawns in your house,
Beneath the crumble.

Goodbyes were hard,
Won’t you agree?

You can lie-
But i feel it.
Your glances,
When you think
No one’s seeing.

Your longing,
When no one’s

Your questions,
When no body’s

I wonder,
If it’s still the same.
Do your eyes still
S P A R K L E,
when he calls
Your name?

Is your hair,
The mess you
Love to hate?
Is your bed,
Still unmade?

And baby,
Do you still
Smell the rain?
There’s no fire
To burn-
There are no words
To exchange.

Maybe we were
Never enough.
Maybe we weren’t
Meant to stay.

Closed windows,
Empty doorways.
Hair unruffled,
Mind ablaze.

And baby,
I still ask the same,
Am i still
Your only mistake?

Am I,
Your unraveling?
Have I been
The corruption
You ached?

“I’m damaged goods.”
wasn’t that your
Bitter take?

I will linger-
Like an aftertaste.
You won’t catch me,
But I’ve never left
This place.

Locking eyes,
Your guard up.
There’s not much to say-
We’ve had enough.

The leather on
Your back,
Doesn’t match
The old denim.

“I’m tough, now.”
Wasn’t that what
You told them?

But you know,
Nothing will
Ever compare.
They’re hard to

All i ask,
Is if I’m
The one that made
You this way?

Lilac sheets,
Drapes of sin-
Tell me-
Am i in your head,

~Simran Khurana

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