Act I, Scene II

” Perhaps, that’s how life was meant to be lived.
On edge, in the shadows, through a peephole. “

I wonder what they mean,
When they call us
A train wreck.

When there’s no track
To cruise
Am I really on a one way
Ride to nowhere?

One ticket for the lost,
Paving the path as we screech.
The silence is a misplaced solace-
When the alarms aren’t ringing beneath.

“Just live your life, man.
It isn’t so hard.”
There’s little that you know of,
When you’re chasing the stars.

this dream of a happy life-
What makes you think it’s so great?
To paint the perfect misery
And call it progress.

Do the right thing,
Isn’t that what you said?
Do what you’re told-
And never stop to question it again.

Cues for the sheep-
Marching on as we speak.
Clap once for laughter,
Clap twice for tears.

Mayhem of the blind,
A road curving on a dead end.
Quiet steps to the alter,
Of tying knots with the devil.

Playing charades in the crowd,
Cutting corners on life.
“The ball’s in your court,
This is how you win the fight.” 

It’s the game we play,
Swindling hearts to our whims.
Ruining what we please,
In a palace of perfection
And halfway done reality.

Places, places.
“Get your act together.”
It’s playoff season-
Castles crumbling to the rhythm.

Maybe that’s why they call it
It’s all a play of words.
Of smart mouthed liars 
Playing god in this world.


`Simran Khurana



6 thoughts on “Act I, Scene II

  1. Someone should always give you a paper throughout the day and we will have some mind boggling pieces to read and get lost in it. I am a big fan of your writings and with your permission I would also like to share your writings on my blog too. What do you say?


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