“So you love him, huh?” she asked her, a coy smile flirting with her lips.
Her own smile would leave the question well answered- would be enough to ward off the doubts; the suspicion.

She did love him. Even though it wasn’t the kind that set her heart on fire- the kind that he had made her feel. It was never the same after. Her tryst with love- that was all it was, now.

“I do.”

She loved him- loved him with all that was left.
But, perhaps, that wasn’t enough.

Canons aimed
At skies azure.
Wilting embers
Encased below.

Pining hearts-
Thawing at ice.
The kiss of death,
Of history’s vice.

Crowded shadows,
Shallow mirror
Of reflective flow.

Navigate the waters.”
But the still current
Doesn’t rock the boat.

Captive sirens-
The myth of lore.
Of Lords preying
On naive souls.

“You belong to me,”
There’s no quiver in
Your tongue.

More than a trap,
More than a shiver
The tip of your finger
Tracing contours.

Say it-
The truth laden
B A R E.

Crushing silence,
Panting breaths
All in vain.

Valiant effort-
Tricking the throes
Of age-old love.

Of calling,
A martyr’s downfall.

“You’ll be the death of me.”
Buttons come
U N D O N E.

“You’ll stay, won’t you?”
Flesh becomes
F L U S H E D.

Staggering mountains,
Pieces of your
Being stacked
All around.

Make me forget,
Make it stop.

“What’re you thinking?”
Smiles turned to the wall,
Of brown hidden
Beneath the green of
Your windows.

Of pale skin trapped
In a golden allure.
Of waves of dark
Night’s mane
concealed with colour.

Go to sleep;
You’re making mistakes.

Hand me downs
An escape.

Hands pinned to
L I E S-
To mouths running
In haste.

In your dreams,
It’s in brown that
You drown.
Not green
The floats you

Of half a lover,
Melting in the
Crevices of
Your being.

~Simran Khurana


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