An Infinity Numbered 

” O human race, born to fly upward, wherefore at a little wind dost thou so fall? “
– Dante Alighieri

Charred poison-
A vixin’s tongue
On your own.
A whiff of forever;
There’s smoke
Lining the door.

White snow
On the table-
Porcelain winter
In June.

It’s looped-
The cusp of
Laden in the hands,
Of a bottle of

Dust to ashes,
Ashes to dust.

Laced in your
Coarse on the tongue.

Hands on your neck,
Fingers to the back.
There’s no treachery,
No pleasures to extract.

Perfection in your veins
Running in a maze of red;
An azure sea,
Painted cerulean.

Materials come to waste,
No earthen means
Keeping prisoner;
First is lust,
Then a mayhem of

“I have to feel,
I have to be this way.”

The mind doesn’t conjure
An eacape from an oasis.

Poking holes in the dark,

Finding needles
amongst Needles-

The thread of delirium,
A web interlocked
In it’s own coercion.

A flickering flame,
A sigh fanning the heat-
Lost in an abyss,
Of possibilities.

The march in the dark,
The Crown Prince’s
White castle-
Of men draped in Sin,
But cloaked with innocuity.

On go the feet-
A thump and a stomp.
There’s paradise
On the edge-
There’s infinity
In the dark.

Dancing to the beats-
The Prince’s honour,
Was in the light
That he seeked.

“I need to feel,
I need to be lost.”

As the Prince wandered,
So did his warriors march.

Ruler of the tempted-
Rulling an army of lust.
Prince of demons,
A king to none.

As the Prince rose
To his defeat,
The army staggered
to their own.

The only elusion,
Broken with
The glass that
It bound.

An empire had fallen,
In the wake of
The Prince’s demise.
His funeral pyre-
Captured in a slab of ice.

who was he?
Christened with war,
Tainted with misery.

Another casualty,
Another stone in the ground.
A mere mortal-
Chasing the elixir
Of an infinity,
That knows no bounds.

And the kingdom
Lived on,
Thriving on the leaches
It bred to weep-
The sorrows of the Prince
That knew of no Ends;
Of no Mercy.

~Simran Khurana


One thought on “An Infinity Numbered 

  1. Spelling of escape, a typing error apart from that it’s a fine read. Your thoughts always surprise me. Behind those baby eyes of yours, there’s a storm which comes into life only when you start writing.


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