” Maybe when you look up some day, you’ll see the things that escaped you- were the things that kept you. “

I remember when you said
That there were few things that
Kept you sane.

“Can we stay here forever?
You’re the only thing that
Makes me happy.”

But such frivolities of life
Of the fickleness that you seek,
Comes the truth that you reject
More than what you can keep.

You push
when you want to pull,
You whisper
when you want to scream.

You’re inching closer
Than I can breathe.
You’re moving past
What I can see.

Where are the promises?
All the lies you’d spilt.
Under the stars,
On the grass,
you’d forgotten
About the weeds.

You’d laugh more often,
You’d brush my hair aside.
You’d tell me about
tales gone long by.

Of riding on the milky way,
And hiding in the skies.
Of a galaxy with nothing
But us inside.

But, you
You’ve left it behind.

Now your pull is just a pull
And there’s nothing left inside.
Just a ring that barely
Binds us this time.

You’re across the border,
With your own galaxy.

Celest, was it?
I wonder if she’s chasing
The same dreams.

Empty shells
And hollow planets,
You’re like the blue that
I paint my nights.

Like the universe
That acknowledges my life-
But gives me no nod of it
Ever being on my side.

Wasn’t I yours, once?
Echoing back your words.

They were mine.
Not hers.

Yet I still see,
What you’ve been.
I still take in
What you’ve breathed.

And, now?
I am nothing
but a few lightyears away
Running deep into the ground,
Do stars ever decay?

I am but a little piece,
Of the stars
that you seek.

Just a mere hole
In the sky that you see.

~Simran Khurana


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